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Zero-Tolerance Policy

Ronnie's Limo Service, INC.  Zero-Tolerance Policy

The Ronnie's Limo Service transportation company is operating its duty in accordance to the regulation of the city of Dallas Transportation department stated on chapter 47.

Therefore, the following

articles are incorporated for the policy of intoxicating substances and drugs:

1.   It is prohibited to use drug and intoxicating substances.

2.   The company has a Zero-tolerance policy for using these substances.

3.   The passenger has the right to report a possible suspicious violation of the policy to Ronnie's Limo Service       company and / or to the city of Dallas transportation department.

4.   As soon as the company gets a report either from the Driver or from the Customer. It will report  immediately to the city of Dallas transportation department to take action for the violation of the Law.

5.   The driver will be terminated temporarily from the operate transportation business under Ronnie's Limo Service, Inc. company immediately. Driver will start his or her driving job after the transportation department decides to return to work.

6.   The company will report any suspicious activities that are related to this act.

7.   If the driver suspects that the passenger is performing a substance circulation activity he or she has to report immediately to Ronnie's Limo Service, Inc.-Transportation Company and / or to the City of Dallas  transportation department. In the mean time if assumed it is threatening, the Driver can report to Dallas police department.

8.   The passenger is not allowed to drink any alcoholic products/ drinks while inboard in the transportation  vehicle. However, passenger has the right to transport alcoholic drinks with the original  package/container without opening for drink.

9.   The Ronnie's Limo Service, Inc.  transportation company evaluates the Driver for driving  under the influence of drug or intoxicating substances every Four months.

10. The Driver should inspect the vehicle after the each ride for the safety of the Driver and next rider. It is for the respect for the regulation of the City Of Dallas Transportation Department.

      Ronnie Rahman


      Ronnie's Limo Service, Inc.

      Copy right-all right reserved by

      The company Ronnie's Limo Service, Inc.